Pinball Shooter Rod & Housing Set - Rockstar Red

Chrome Candy

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Pinball Shooter Rod & Housing Set - Rockstar Red

This set includes one shooter rod, a Stern shooter rod housing (works fine on most machines, not just Stern), and 3/4" barrel spring -- all in our "Rockstar Red" color -- PLUS washers, shooter rod spring, clip, and rubber tip.  This color matches with ACDC Premium and KISS LE.

Please note:  The shooter rod grip is a powder coated stainless steel ball, 1.25" in size, the same as our standalone shooter rod in "Rockstar Red."  Check out the listing for the shooter rod to see more pictures.

Also note: If you are ordering more than one of these sets, we can combine shipping of up to six (or maybe even more) in a Priority Flat Rate box for $14.  We're working out the shipping algorithm on our website, so we are currently in the practice of issuing partial shipping refunds when you have been overcharged for shipping based on weight.

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