Pinball Leg Bolts - Concord Grape

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Pinball Leg Bolts - Concord Grape

Add some flair to your game with these powder coated leg bolts in "Concord Grape."  We are now offering them as single bolts; you will need to buy 8 pieces to make a full set of leg bolts.  Some people have asked if they can buy a couple extra in case they get damaged, so that's why we are now offering them this way.

How to put powder coated leg bolts on without damaging them

Normal pinball machine leg bolts are 5/8”.  Once powder coated, they are slightly larger and more easily damaged.  The key to putting them on without damaging them is:

  1. Use a wrench that has a 6-sided socket (it should look like the bolt head).  Some sockets have 12 indentations which make it easier to fit on the bolt, but they focus the torque at a few points were the coating is more likely to be damaged.
  1. A 5/8” socket may be too small for a powder coated bolt. We recommend 16 mm be used (this is 0.125 mm larger than 5/8”).
  1. Use a washer between the bolt and the leg.

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